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Basic Cleaning

Our cleaning services are characterized by providing facilities that will always be impeccable and that your staff will have work areas free of dust and bacteria and that at all times will have a pleasant and fresh aroma.

Services Include:

Deep Cleaning

We have excellent quality materials to perform all types of deep cleaning anywhere in your home or office. disinfectants, purifiers, steam cleaning, no matter the type of material in question, it will always be completely clean and disinfected, without mistreating it.


Our office cleaning service is completely discreet and efficient. We have silent equipment, allowing a stable environment in work areas. 

We clean and disinfect common areas such as kitchens, meeting rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and entrances. 

Our service is completely guaranteed, leaving the areas with friendly aromas and projecting a sensation of cleanliness and disinfection to users.

After party Cleaning

Do not worry about that cleaning after the party, call Romer’s Cleaning Services so that we can take care of leaving your home or office, as if nothing had happened and you can recover without complications


We take care of removing all that material, waste and garbage in general that is generated as a result of expansions, remodeling and construction. 

In such a way that the work area is always accessible and progress can be appreciated without problems. 

We also take care of cleaning finished work, leaving your project ready to be inhabited.

Window Cleaning

Nothing looks better in a house or office than clean windows, in addition to giving a good image they provide excellent lighting, our window cleaning service is available for houses and offices regardless of their height and shape.